Schools interested in applying to be part of a Work Group in 2021/22 should complete the application form and submit it by email to

North West Three Maths Hub Lead - Lisa Bradshaw:

and/or Sarah Makin (Senior Administrator):


Application form download


Who can apply? 

Any primary school can apply, and there are thousands of places. NW3 will be offering 200 places. Should the programme be oversubscribed, priority will be given to schools with the highest levels of disadvantage. Early applications will be welcomed.

N.B Schools in Mastery Readiness, Development and Embedding Work Groups for 2021/22 should prioritise their existing teaching for mastery commitments and therefore should only apply if they feel they have the capacity to commit to both programmes.

Application form download

Expectations of participating schools 

Schools chosen to participate in the Work Group commit to the following expectations:

  • The school will introduce Mastering Number in all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes, in addition to their daily maths lesson (which could be shortened as a result of participation in this Work Group)
  • Teachers will be expected to contribute regularly to an online community led by the Work Group Lead, reflecting on the implementation and impact of the programme, as well as attending two, more formal online sessions, during 2021/22
  • Participants in the project will engage in all online synchronous and asynchronous professional development, including three live sessions, throughout the academic year
  • The school will provide any feedback required by the Maths Hub and participate in any evaluation processes required.


There is no charge to schools participating in the programme. Resources will be provided for each school, in order for them to teach daily sessions of the Mastering Number Programme.

Application form download